Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This blog post is about a long time member of the Taber Photography Club.  Thane is a well know artist who's work has been featured in a number of publications.  Here's is what Thane had to say about his photographic journey.

My love of photography began as a child when I would spend hours looking through countless family albums of special events such as weddings,birthdays and vacations.I took a few shots on my Grandfathers Kodak Brownie Hawkeye,followed by numerous "insta-matic" cameras owned by my parents.
I began my own photographic journey in 1980 with the purchase of a Chinon CE-4S and an assortment of lenses.This is where my shift towards landscape photography started.
With the purchase of a Canon Digital Rebel I entered the digital age.You know you are hooked when you travel down a road at sunset thinking"Gee,I can remove that dust spot from the picture when I get home",only to realize a split-second later it's a bug on your windshield.
  My landscape photography tends to hold detail in the foreground,as I feel this leads my eye into the picture.One of the most asked questions I receive is if my pictures are "Photoshopped".I am glad to say they are,as I find the original file lifeless and somewhat lacking.Having said that,I often find myself thinking of how I will process the shot once I get home,what filters will I use and what actions will be run.To me,my photos are about depth,saturation,mood and detail,as this is what I feel when I take the picture.I guess if I could add a sense of smell and humidity to my shots,I would as well.That would make them better.The only time you will see a lot of my shots without rock,water or wood is when I put on my "Official Photographer" hat for the Alberta International Airshow.
  Photography has led me into another passion,which is printing.I love the total control I take over my images in the printing process...deciding whether to use Canvas or paper,or to perhaps try wood veneer or metal.Once again,I feel that these choices help enhance the vision I see within the original file.
  I have had works published in Magazines,websites and numerous prints purchased through retail venues.Waterton has held a special meaning for me as a photographer with it's many different ecosystems and thousands of photographic possibilities.Trappers,The Heritage Centre ,and Cameron Lake Boat Rentals all display and sell my work throughout the Waterton season,with Anne at The Curious Bird in Mountain View selling my work as well.Photography has been very kind o me as well,with many freindships being established as I play with pixels.
  I have 2 children (Kayla and Garett),a wonderful son-in-law(Brett) ,a beagle named Todd,and a wonderful and very patient wife,Susan to whom I have been married for just over 25 years.The times Sus and I spend together as a couple are increasing,and travelling to photography destinations is playing a hand in our togetherness.She has a lot of patience for "Sloppyshooter".
  My adopted nickname, "sloppyshooter" when accessed through Google takes you to my Flickr site.I overheard a film shooter one day say how "digital photography is making people sloppy shooters because they take way too many pictures" and I thought HEY! Thats me! I also heard something once from Julian Ferreira,one of the partners of the Camera Store in Calgary.It was something like-"The most expensive shot you take with a digital camera is the first one...the rest are free.The most important person to impress with your photography is yourself."

"To me photography is an art of observation.  It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place...I find it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them."  Elliott Erwitt


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Taber Photography Club | October Meeting

This months Photoclub meeting was a "hands on" meet.  We were focusing our attention to macro photography, and different stations were set up and waiting to be used.  We did everything from still objects to smoke.  It was a lot of fun working as a group to learn and explore area's of photography that were new to many of us.

I also learned that  The Taber Museum will be displaying the work of some artists from within our club.  If you're ever passing by the museum be sure to stop in and and take a peek!  The work of Nolan Day will be on display for the next 2 months!  Photographs are even more moving when printed, and certainly the talent within our club will not disappoint!  So don't miss it!!!

To all those members who couldn't make it; you were missed!  And to anyone interested in joining; we meet the last Wednesday of each month.  For information please contact us below via the contact form!  It is not too late!!

See you all next month!
Jody checks her settings

Pat focusing

Gary photographing smoke

Gary and Mark working with smoke
Photo compliments of Gary Drake

Sarah getting in some good shots

This was the still photograph table

Tim capturing drops of water from this set up
Photo compliments of Gary Drake

Jeff & Gary photographing the water drops

This is the set up for the photograph below...

Thane working his magic with the smoke.

Photo compliments of Gary Drake

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sheila Kurtz {Studio K}

Every month we are hoping to show case the work of one or two members from the Taber Photography Club.  Sheila Kurtz has agreed to be the first!  I know you will be amazed by her work which consists of mostly portraiture.  Her studio is located near Barnwell Alberta, and although her website is currently under constuction; please take the time to read through her blog here.
I asked Sheila to give a bit of background on how she got into photography & what she likes to shoot the most...that sort of thing.  So without further ado; this is what Sheila had to say!

I have always enjoyed photography, but started shooting  for pay 13 years ago, after taking a night course at Lethbridge Community College.  I used a Pentax K1000(film) and then a Rebel G.   I own a Mamiya medium format 645, but since I 've gone digital, I've hardly used it.   Shame in some sense, as it couldn't be beat with a 80mm prime lens!  

Photography was always a part time thing, working around 4 young children, and a job with Horizon School Division. Last year I took a leap of faith, quit my other job, bought a piece of land and old shop across the street and went full time.  

I shoot with 50D and it works for me for most of what I like to do. Since then we have converted the shop into a studio and office.   I attended a 4 day workshop with Nichole Van, a WPPI award recipient, and have tried to surround myself with good mentors, both locally and in the US, making time each week to visit/talk shop with one or all of them. I have lots to learn , programs to master, and books I still need to read, and so many things to try.  
I get so excited when I learn just one little trick with lighting or photoshop or to smooth out my me goosebumps every time.
My favorite subjects are 4 year old girls, grads, and Brides.

My studio is doing a fundraiser this Friday.  Brynn Lund, my 10 year old neighbor was diagnosed with cancer this summer and is undergoing chemo for almost an entire year. 

The Barnwell School is hosting a fundraiser next Tuesday "Trim for Brynn" 4:30-7:30 at the school.   People can get their hair trimmed for 10.00!   Plus there is supper and a silent auction.   The goal is to raise 15,000 to donate to the family to help with expenses of one parent being home with their 3 other children while one is in Calgary and making several trips a week. 

In conjunction with that,  I've challenged my clients to help me raise 1200.00 to donate.   Each fall I have a "Fall Mini Session" for kids 12 and under, but this Friday, Oct. 1, I opened it to any age really, and the 95.00 for each session (that includes 10 images on a disc) is being donated. We are 3/4 way to my goal, but I still have room for anyone in the morning or the day before (Thursday).

To help Sheila out with her fundraiser or get information on a session; skip over to her blog, or give her a call at 403.223.2444!
Thank you Sheila for taking the time out of your busy schedule to add to the club blog!  Best of luck in business, and with the local fundraiser you've chosen to contribute to.  What a great cause!

Now; enjoy some of Sheila's beautiful work!!!!  And be sure to leave a comment ;)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

TPC | First Meeting Update & First Blog Entry!

Hi everyone!!!  And welcome to the Taber Photography Blog!

Our first meeting which was held at the Taber Public Library on Sept.22nd turned out to be a very educational experience!  Dr.Van Christou was our guest speaker this month.  He is an amazing photographer and had much to say about composition and light; inspiring us all to consider why and what we are photographing and to face our fear of failure by creating more images.  He also quoted some words of the famous Ansel Adams challenging us to be forward thinking in our work.

A big thank you to Dr.Van Christou for taking time out of his busy life to speak to our group.  We appreciate your experience and knowledge, and look forward to meeting with you again!!!

Now, down to some business.  Don't groan... this is going to be fun; and since this is the first blog post I think it's pretty safe to say that we need your help!!!  Darcy and I will be working together on this blog; and if you have any concerns not outlined here, or as time passes~ please contact us via the contact form below or the club also has a new email address which was necessary to set this thing up.  It is........  Be sure to stick it in your address book for quick reference.  Darcy and I still have to get together and go over things, so expect changes!!!!!  Nothing has to be permanent.

What do I need from you???
  • Please submit requests of your favorite musicians/songs & I'll see what I can do!  Let's show how diverse we are in this area as well.
  • One club member has the opportunity for their work to be displayed at the top of the page~ for the header image.   Nolan Day has graciously agreed to submit an image!!  If you have any other nominations please stick them in the comment box as this header image will be changed up once and a while. 
  • We would like to showcase the work of one or two artists from with in the group each month, so if you're willing to let your work stand please stick that in the comments as well.  We will be looking for a first entry right away!!!!  Who wants to kick things off???  :)  The only request I have is that you watermark your image, or I can do that for you if you need a bit of help, and that you have permission from any portrait work.  And also that we show our appreciation to the artist by commenting!  I know you all have lots to say; so don't be shy! 
  • We would like to add a list of names with links to personal websites/flickr pages/blogs.  If you would like a little extra exposure for your personal site please send it my way, and I'll get started on the list.  Entries will be posted in order of submission. 
Please take the time to submit comments and suggestions!  We would like this blog to reflect a bit of every member!!!!  You are all creative, artistic individuals!  Your feedback is vital.
Shannon & Darcy