Fran Brouwers Award

ATTN all paid members!  I will leave the information on this page as a reference for this years competition.  Please keep in mind however, that some of the guidelines, and all of the entry deadlines and draw dates are no longer current.  This page will be updated as the details of this years competition are made available.  

Every year one hard working and talented member from our club has the opportunity to be awarded with the prestigious "Fran Brouwers Award".  This is a coveted honor within our club!  This is an open contest to all paid members.  To enter the photo competition one must follow some simple rules; and submit an image to all five categories.

The images are submitted anonymously, and are judged by a professional photographer who has no connection with our club.  Each photograph will then be scored, and the photographer with the highest tally wins.  This is beneficial to every member who submits, regardless of the win, as it is a great learning experience and a chance to have your work critiqued by a professional!  Of course winning is nice too.  Right Nolan?  :)

The "Fran Brouwers Award" will be presented to the winner at our annual BBQ in June, 2011.  This gives everyone plenty of time to take the images, and have the photographs matted and dropped off to H&R Block by June 10th, 2011.

Here are the categories:

  1. Landscape
  2. Macro
  3. Animals
  4. People
  5. Birds

Here are the rules:

  1. Images must be printed to an *8x10.
  2. Photographs must then be mounted in a *white, 1" mat.  
  3. Photographs may be in Color, Black and White, or have any amount of post processing you choose.
  4. Photo's should be taken within the 'photoclub year' of the contest. (2010/2011)
  5. Photo's must be submitted by *June 10th, 2011.
*Any images falling outside these guide lines will NOT be judged.

If you have any questions about the award, stick them in the comment box, or head over to the FB page.

Good Luck to Everyone who Enters!!