Thursday, September 23, 2010

TPC | First Meeting Update & First Blog Entry!

Hi everyone!!!  And welcome to the Taber Photography Blog!

Our first meeting which was held at the Taber Public Library on Sept.22nd turned out to be a very educational experience!  Dr.Van Christou was our guest speaker this month.  He is an amazing photographer and had much to say about composition and light; inspiring us all to consider why and what we are photographing and to face our fear of failure by creating more images.  He also quoted some words of the famous Ansel Adams challenging us to be forward thinking in our work.

A big thank you to Dr.Van Christou for taking time out of his busy life to speak to our group.  We appreciate your experience and knowledge, and look forward to meeting with you again!!!

Now, down to some business.  Don't groan... this is going to be fun; and since this is the first blog post I think it's pretty safe to say that we need your help!!!  Darcy and I will be working together on this blog; and if you have any concerns not outlined here, or as time passes~ please contact us via the contact form below or the club also has a new email address which was necessary to set this thing up.  It is........  Be sure to stick it in your address book for quick reference.  Darcy and I still have to get together and go over things, so expect changes!!!!!  Nothing has to be permanent.

What do I need from you???
  • Please submit requests of your favorite musicians/songs & I'll see what I can do!  Let's show how diverse we are in this area as well.
  • One club member has the opportunity for their work to be displayed at the top of the page~ for the header image.   Nolan Day has graciously agreed to submit an image!!  If you have any other nominations please stick them in the comment box as this header image will be changed up once and a while. 
  • We would like to showcase the work of one or two artists from with in the group each month, so if you're willing to let your work stand please stick that in the comments as well.  We will be looking for a first entry right away!!!!  Who wants to kick things off???  :)  The only request I have is that you watermark your image, or I can do that for you if you need a bit of help, and that you have permission from any portrait work.  And also that we show our appreciation to the artist by commenting!  I know you all have lots to say; so don't be shy! 
  • We would like to add a list of names with links to personal websites/flickr pages/blogs.  If you would like a little extra exposure for your personal site please send it my way, and I'll get started on the list.  Entries will be posted in order of submission. 
Please take the time to submit comments and suggestions!  We would like this blog to reflect a bit of every member!!!!  You are all creative, artistic individuals!  Your feedback is vital.
Shannon & Darcy


  1. Hey Shannon and Darcy
    The blog looks fantastic!! Thanks so much for taking on this project!
    And Nolan's image looks PERFECT!
    I'm happy to help/share...just let me know what you need.

  2. Thanks Jan! It is coming along! And Nolans image does look pretty darn good up there!!! ;) Thanks for the comment!! Great to have feedback~

  3. The Blog is great idea. Jan will have awesome stuff to share when she returns from Thailand, I'm sure! I'm willing to share anything you need too.