Saturday, October 30, 2010

Taber Photography Club | October Meeting

This months Photoclub meeting was a "hands on" meet.  We were focusing our attention to macro photography, and different stations were set up and waiting to be used.  We did everything from still objects to smoke.  It was a lot of fun working as a group to learn and explore area's of photography that were new to many of us.

I also learned that  The Taber Museum will be displaying the work of some artists from within our club.  If you're ever passing by the museum be sure to stop in and and take a peek!  The work of Nolan Day will be on display for the next 2 months!  Photographs are even more moving when printed, and certainly the talent within our club will not disappoint!  So don't miss it!!!

To all those members who couldn't make it; you were missed!  And to anyone interested in joining; we meet the last Wednesday of each month.  For information please contact us below via the contact form!  It is not too late!!

See you all next month!
Jody checks her settings

Pat focusing

Gary photographing smoke

Gary and Mark working with smoke
Photo compliments of Gary Drake

Sarah getting in some good shots

This was the still photograph table

Tim capturing drops of water from this set up
Photo compliments of Gary Drake

Jeff & Gary photographing the water drops

This is the set up for the photograph below...

Thane working his magic with the smoke.

Photo compliments of Gary Drake

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  1. Wow great shot guys!! Very inspiring!! :)