Thursday, January 27, 2011

Taber Photography Club | January Meeting

Well, there has been a few dull months on the blog.  And for that; I am sorry.  2011 here we come!

This month the photo theme was "abstract".   I am always amazed by the creativity and talent in our group, and marvel at the photographs that fellow members displayed.  :)  Great work everyone!

The meeting focused on the use of light in photography.  How to, how not to.   Jan and Gary both spoke and shared pointers on how to achieve good lighting, maximize the equipment you have, and what to buy and why.  I think everyone learned a lot!  Thank you both for sharing your knowledge!

After learning from the masters, we were able to play around with some equipment.  Everything from strobes and umbrellas (thanks Jan for hauling in all your gear), off camera flashes, on camera flashes, to diffusers and reflectors.  I hope that everyone gained some experience and had some fun along the way.

Here are some photo's of our evening, and a couple portraits!
Jeff, if you needed a head shot you just had to ask!  :)
Taken by Mark.
I don't know who's helping who.
by: Gary Drake

You weren't there???  Well we noticed, and we missed you!!!!

Looks very interesting ladies!

See Tim, you do look studious. 

One lovely volunteer + one on camera flash fired through a diffuser + 2 reflectors = beautiful!
Taken by Mark.
Right back at ya Jeff!
The effervescent Thane.
Our captain.

Many hands make for light work.
Taken by Gary!

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